“All warfare is based on deception…Know
yourself, know your enemy, a hundred battles
a hundred victories…The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
Sun Tzu, Art of War
Communist leader Xi Jinping, the President of Communist China, is the acknowledged source and spreader of the corona virus throughout the world – infecting tens of millions of human beings, killing millions of people, devastating lives and demolishing economies throughout the world. He is to us, Filipinos, the evil genius but to Communist China and China lovers within our midst, he is their modern day hero deserving of admiration and worship.
Sun Tzu warrior: Like Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore, Xi must have read Sun Tzu’s Art of War no less than twenty-six times. In his artful management of the invasion of the corona virus throughout the world and the West Philippine Sea (WPS), indubitably he must have mastered Sun Tzu’s book. If this is in the world of music, he must be the Arturo Toscanini of Communist China’s symphony orchestra.
Why this encomium for Xi, Communist China’s magician? This is neither theory nor speculation – it is based on hard facts. Our national bully, President Digong, met for the first time communist Chinese magician Xi sometime ago at the earliest stage of his incumbency. It was reported the meeting was cordial which is an understatement because when Xi opened his mouth and threatened our bully that if he messes with the West Philippine Sea, he would have a war in his hands – which President Digong could not win even with his obsequiously obedient military and police.
Terrified and outgunned, President Digong behaved like a wet chick which fell into a can of swine food, a residue of the family’s meal. (In Cebuano Visayan – maorag piso nga nahulug sa pasawan) and like a chastened dog lying down at his master’s feet with his tail between his legs (Again in Cebuano Visayan – maorag iro nga gikuyapan nga naghigda sa tiilan sa iyang amo nga ang ikug gibahag sa taliwala sa iyang mga tiil.) It is scandalous and behavior for a President of a country – dishonoring her citizens and the country in the process.
Excuses: President Digong has offered several excuses why he allowed Communist China to invade, occupy and build artificial islands with military installations in the West Philippine Sea (WPS) – he said he cannot risk a war with Communist China because we surely will be defeated, he does not want to waste Filipino lives in the event of war, Communist China is in possession of the area; it will result to a joint venture with China for development of oil and gas deposits resulting to the Philippines making a lot of money and Xi Jinping, the Communist China leader, is our friend – a man of his word and an honorable man, and we should be grateful to China for its donation of Sinovac.
Analysis: Will Communist China wage a war against the Philippines on the issue of the West Philippine Sea? It will not. The history of China in the world stage shows – it is a great bluffer from Mao Tse Tung to Xi Jinping.
First, Taiwan: This is the greatest challenge to China’s sovereign power. When Mao and the communists took over China in 1949, Chiang Kai-Shek and the Kuomintang retreated to Formosa, a part of China, which they later renamed Taiwan. Chiang and the Kuomintang never surrendered to Mao. The Communist Party (CCP) and People’s Republic of China (PRC) leaders always threatened to invade Taiwan. They never did it for seventy (70) years. CPP and PRC leaders engaged from year to year to saber tattling and brinkmanship. It is just all that.
Why? It is plain and simple – the PRC leaders have mastered Sun Tzu and the art of political bluff. They continue to bluff Taiwan but the Taiwanese leaders also know Sun Tzu and are even better experts in the art of the bluff. Taiwanese are better political poker players than the Communist Chinese leaders. Xi Jinping and his predecessors always blinked in the confrontation. He ho blinks loses.
Why do Xi and his communist comrades continue to blink? They are deadly scared of America and the informal democratic coalition of countries from the West and the East. While it may be true that Communist China can defeat the Philippines in the event of a bilateral war between the two countries but with the entry of the United States of American forces into the fray, the US can demolish the Chinese military and political forces in no time.
Xi and his comrades cannot risk the probability of military and political demolition and revive the old days of China being divided into spheres of influence by foreign powers. President Digong, sounding like galunggong and gunggong, should have known this. It does not take a lawyer to know all these. It only takes a little reading and review of contemporary events as well as plain and simple common sense,
Second, the others: Communist China has seventeen maritime and land disputes with countries in the Pacific basin – none has ballooned into a war. The most recent attempt is the surreptitious border attack against India. The Indian forces roundly defeated the communist Chinese. The surreptitious attackers were badly routed and repulsed. Communist lord and master, corona virus Xi Jinping, should have learned his lesson by now. He was not only defeated, he got a resounding bash by the international community. Good for him and his corona virus.
Third, sacrificing Filipinos lives: If the great Filipino comedian, Dolphy, were alive today, President Digong would get a ribbing from him with this famous comment – Dassa lot of nonsense! Why? By his actions, President Digong does not give a hoot to Filipinos? Has he improved the lives of Filipinos as he promised? He has not and his police killed more than twenty thousand Filipinos who are claimed to be illegal drug violators extra-judicially – most of them young and belonging to poor families? Of course, his police did the killings on President Digong’s orders and protection.
President Digong’s publicly declared fear of losing Filipino lives in the WPS is a lot of hallucination possibly induced by a Chinese addictive element which continues to be introduced into his body. No war will erupt in the area as shown by precedents in the border conflicts of China with other countries and communist China’s morbid fear of the entry of America into the fray leading to the inevitable defeat of communist Chinese forces.
Fourth, China’s possession of the area: It is not correct to say that Communist China is in possession of the whole area because it is not. The whole area started to be occupied by Communist China when President Digong allowed corona virus Xi Jinping to occupy the area – allowing the forces of corona virus Xi to build islands equipped with military installations with nuclear capability, drove away our fishermen unprotected in our exclusive economic zones and traditional fishing grounds. And what is weird is President Digong’s claim that he entered into an oral fishing agreement with corona virus Xi to explain the presence of a flotilla of more than two hundred communist China ships in the area. Is there such legal concept in international law as an oral agreement? And he keeps on stressing that he is as much a lawyer as former Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio. Susmariaejosep! It gets wilder now every time President Digong opens his mouth.
Four days ago, a Manila daily came out with this headline – COAST GUARD DRIVES AWAY CHINESE FROM PH SHOAL” The first two paragraphs follow the headline stating – “The Philippines on Wednesday said its maritime patrols had twice driven Chinese vessels away from a shoal within the country’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ).
“It was the first time since President Duterte took office in 2016 that the government disclosed such a move of Philippine ships against Chinese vessels.”
If this is true, one is constrained to ask a number of questions. Since the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) is a unit attached to the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) is a bureau in the Department of Agriculture, and their ships were the ones who drove away the Chinese vessels, who issued the order to drive away Communist Chinese vessels from the area? Was it President Digong or the heads of the PCG and the BFAR?.
Whether it is Duterte or the heads of the units did it, it shows that the Philippines has the capability to drive away the invading Chinese vessels in the area. Then, why did our government do it only now? It should have done it the first time the Chinese invaded the area before it could build islands with military installations. Why should civilian components do the job when the military is mandated by the Constitution to secure the sovereignty of the State and the integrity of the national territory under section 3, Article II of the Constitution? Something stinks here and the native word sounds like the family name of the President.
President Digong has a lot of answering to do here. He should do better than merely offering us a kilo of galunggong which sounds like gunggong.
Fifth, joint venture: Why accept a joint venture from an invader and an oppressor – Communist China? It is like congratulating and rewarding a criminal for its crime. That is plain and simple common sense. But since when was President Digong ever common? He is not normal and, therefore, not common. And ever since, when did President Digong ever make sense? From the presidential campaign until now, the only sense I’ve heard from President Digong – is a lot of nonsense.
Sixth, China is our fried: Since when was an invader, robber and rapist been our friend? By invading and occupying our exclusive economic zone (EEZ), is that a show of friendship? Is that not robbing us of billions of US dollars of our natural resources – amounting to trillions of pesos? Is that not raping our country? If this conduct of China is friendship – I do not know what criminality is.
True, President Digong’s lord and master, communist corona virus Xi Jinping, is his friend. But is Xi a friend of our country and our people? Of course, not! Does not the conduct of Xi in the West Philippine Sea, among others, make him an enemy of our country and our people? Of course, it does! Anyone who adheres to our enemy or gives it aid and comfort commits treason under Article 114 of the Revised Penal Code.
President Digong must be consulting a different English dictionary because his definition of a friend is the exact standard dictionary meaning of an enemy. But his erroneous definition of a friend is understandable. Why? It is due to his not being common and normal – that is how President Digong defines himself by his words and actions.
Seventh, gratitude for Sinovac donation: For heaven’s sake, President Digong has another distorted understanding of the meaning of gratitude. Why be grateful to an enemy giving gifts? Does he not remember the story of the Trojan Horse which resulted to the saying – Beware of the enemy giving gifts? Of course, he probably has not read it. After all, he is not common and normal. The way he speaks and behaves – he must think he is god or a demigod. That is narcissism – at its highest!
Thanking communist China and corona virus Xi Jinping for donation of Sinovac is just absurd and nonsensical in exchange for continuous occupation of the West Philippine Sea by Communist China and exploitation of our resources estimated at hundreds of billions worth in US dollars – in violation of the decision of the UN Arbitral tribunal in our favor.
Moreover, whatever happened to the EIGHT HUNDRED EIGHTY- SEVEN BILLION (P887,000,000,000.00) PESOS of foreign borrowings for the fight against the Xi Jinpiing communist Chinese corona virus?
Learning curve: Since Rodrigo Roa Duterte became President of the country his learning curve has gone drastically down as shown by his words and actions. In contrast, the Xi Jinping sponsored communist Chinese corona virus curve has been going consistently up in the country. Why doesn’t President Digong stop harping about having been Mayor of Davao City for twenty years? Why does he not learn how to be President? He has had almost five years of on the job training (OJT), why has he not learned?
I do not know whether he has asked his psychiatrist, if any. If he doesn’t have any, I have a simple shock treatment for him. He should read this oft-quoted statement of the late US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy – “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your.” It is very simple and understandable English. It needs no translation to Cebuano Visayan to be understood. In so reading, maybe President Digong will finally learn that Communist China and its President, corona virus Xi Jinping, are not our country and people’s friends. They are our enemies.