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Quezon City
Monday, December 6, 2021
PUERTO PRINCESA CITY – Is the island paradise called Palawan ready to be divided into three provinces? At press time, residents seem to be divided on the proposal endorsed by Congress seeking to make the lone province of Palawan into...
CEBU  CITY — Here’s a good news that makes Governor Gwendolyn Garcia and the Cebuanos proud of their province. For the sixth consecutive year, Cebu has emerged as the richest province in the country based on the 2019 Annual Financial Report for 2019...
By ARIES CHAN, CLAIRE MORALES TRUE and LOLLY R. ACOSTA SAN MATEO, Rizal - A new dawn has set in the premier province of Rizal. And in no time, the province named after national hero Dr. Jose Rizal, will soar further...
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